Semalt Review Of Easy Web Extract: Is It Better Than Data Scraper And Diffbot?

Easy Web Extract is one of the most amazing, powerful, famous and best visual screen scrapers or data extractors on the internet. It is suitable for programmers, businessmen, and webmasters, and helps accomplish multiple web scraping tasks at a time. One of the most prominent features of Easy Web Extract is that it helps rip desired web content (such as text, images, HTML, videos, and URLs). Plus, you can customize the data export formats, thanks to its HTTP submit form option for making it possible.

Benefits of Easy Web Extract:

Easy Web Extract was designed by Web2Mine and is a simple yet powerful data scraping service. The tool was written using .NET technology and allows us to apply VB, C++, and JS to our web pages. Plus, you can export the scraped data to CSV, Excel, XML, JSON, MS Access, MySQL, SQL Script, and HTML formats. Easy Web Extract also supports multiple data scraping tasks and helps you save your time and energy. This tool is good for developers and data analysts. The developers of Easy Web Extract claim that this tool is a clone of "Web Content Extractor." Both of these tools have similar options, features, and interface. They can fully collect data from the net, scrape it as per your requirements, and download the scraped information to your hard drive with just a few clicks.

Two alternatives to Easy Web Extract:

  • Data Scraper

Just like Easy Web Extract, Data Scraper is used to extract information out of HTML web pages. This tool can import your data into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and can get you readable and scalable results with just a few clicks. No doubt, Data Scraper is a good alternative to Easy Web Extract. Both of these tools have dozens of unique features. With Data Scraper, you can easily extract data from tables, charts and lists, and can import it to CSV, TSV, XLS and XLSX files (.xls .csv .xlsx .tsv).

  • Diffbot

Just like Data Scraper, Diffbot is a good alternative to Easy Web Extract. It uses an interactive machine learning technology to scrape your web content comfortably and in a short time. The CSS Selector, JQuery, and XPath of Diffbot help identify the data and transform it into the JSON files. You can use this tool to target HTML web pages and PDF files and can scrape data from as many sites and blogs as possible. One of the most distinctive features of Diffbot is that it ensures your privacy and doesn't share your scraped data with anyone.


All these web scraping software or tools require you to accept the terms of service, but Diffbot works without any rule or training. It is difficult to say whether Easy Web Extract is better than Diffbot and Data Scraper or not because all these services have their own pros and cons. However, Easy Web Extract has a user-friendly control panel and scrapes your web content at high speed. Plus, this tool navigates to different web pages and extracts data from sites with JavaScript, Ajax, cookies, and redirects. Unfortunately, the latest version of Easy Web Extract does not support the scheduling function.